Our Approach

Diamonds go through a lot of hands before they come out of a mine and end up on a jewel. Diamond trading between manufacturers, distributors and dealers is a game of the highest precision. Profit margins are very low, amounts are quite big and any mistake can cost a lot of money. Customers are always looking for reliable suppliers. Ability to consistently supply the goods that customers need can be a valuable asset.

With 60 years of combined experience we have created a reputation for Precision, Trust and Reliability. We spend lots of effort understanding the needs of a customer. Once we know what they need, we focus on finding the article and buying it at lowest price. Saving customers from traveling, searching and negotiating.

Our Story

Antwerp Brilliant was established in 2000 by Gaurang Gohel in Antwerp.

Gaurang has been in the diamond business since childhood. He had the privilege to grow up in Surat, an ancient port with history of international trading centre that now has close to one million people busy in the diamond industry.

Nishit Kothari joined Antwerp Brilliant in 2011. Nishit comes from a third generation diamond trader family and is an expert in diamond trading and manufacturing.

Meet the Team


Gaurang Gohel


Gaurang Gohel has 30 years of experience in the Diamonds Business. He manages the Head Office in Antwerpen, Belgium.


Nishit Kothari

Sales Manager

Nishit Kothari has 32 years of experience in Diamond Manufacturing and Preparation. He is a certified Diamond Grader since 1989.
He manages the Office in Mumbai, India.